Welcome to the website of Westerford High School.

Westerford is a co-educational, secular, public high school located in Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa.

Westerford is a pupil-centred school that prides itself on a strong academic curriculum, compulsory sport programme and an enthusiastically embraced cultural life.

A focus on the balanced and holistic development of young minds and bodies combined with the motto of "Nil Nisi Optimum", "Nothing but the best", makes it no surprise that we have earned ourselves the reputation of "The school that never sleeps".


Do you have a positive attitude, a love of new and different experiences and the enthusiasm to get involved and take on all the opportunities that a busy, successful school can offer you? Westerford is the place for you!

Latest News

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 19:58

The following sportsmen and sportswomen have been awarded the title of ‘Player to Watch’ this term. This award is given to Juniors (Grade 8 and 9 pupils) who have shown great skills and leadership qualities in their respective sports. They are expected to become valuable members of the school’s 1st teams in the future....

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 19:28

Dear Parents

Revised Term Dates for 2014 as applicable to WHS

The Board of Governors, along with the school SMT, have reviewed the school calendar for 2014 which, in its current form, is extremely disjointed.

We have raised the matter with the WCED and have been granted permission to adjust the first and...