Admissions Procedure

First Round:

  • Application forms are available from the beginning of the 1st term.
  • These forms must be collected from the School office. Forms are NOT available electronically.
  • Normally in excess of 1000 applications are received.

Second Round:

  • Approximately 600 are selected based on:
    • Academic standards in English and Mathematics.
    • All-round participation and ability.
    • “Potential” in the above.
    • Ease of access to the School on a reliable transport network.

Third Round:

  • Approximately 450 candidates are invited for an interview.
  • All interviews are on a one-on-one, personal basis, lasting approx. 10 minutes.


  • Preference (but no guarantee) is given to;
    • Westerford siblings.
    • Academic ability (mainly in English and Mathematics).
    • Participation and/or potential in sport and/or cultural activities.
    • Community involvement.
    • The ability to converse in English.
    • Confidence and leadership potential.
    • Personality and character.
  • In all of the above the primary focus is on choosing pupils who will deal positively with a strong academic programme, while being fully involved in the extra-curricular life of the School.

NB:  Financial status of the parents is not taken into consideration when evaluating enrolment applications

Closing Dates:

  • Acceptance and non-acceptance letters are posted on the last day of term 2.
  • Applicants must accept the offer by the end of the second week of the third term.
  • Unsuccessful candidates are placed on a “waiting list”.


  • All appeals must be submitted in writing to the School. No verbal communication will be considered.
  • Appeals will be considered only once all successful candidates have responded.
  • Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by the end of the third term.
  • Further appeals must be lodged directly with the Department of Education District Office.