Clubs and Societies

The Afrikaans Klub aims to promote the Afrikaans language and culture at Westerford through interesting, fun and engaging events that appeal to a broad range of students.

GARB aims to bring fashion culture and a healthy lifestyle to Westerford; we incorporate and encourage many aspects of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle.

The Christian Union (CU) is a community of normal every-day people who come together with one common denominator - we love Jesus.

The Outdoor Club aims to get all Westerfordians outside and enjoying nature, having events ranging from hikes, surfing, paint ball, yoga and much, much more.

The Hindu Students’ Association (HSA) was established to promote unity and an understanding of Hindu culture among our students.

Foreign Cultures strive to spread awareness of other cultures and create diversity and respect among Westerfordians.

Interact is a service society which aims to get Westerford pupils involved in outreach projects in the community.

HCA aims to broaden the understanding of South Africa and the world by highlighting important current events through in-depth discussions and debates delivered by prominent members of society.Notab

CRED(Computers, Robotics, Electronics and Design) is a cultural society that aims to educate students about modern technology.

The English Society aims to spread English culture at Westerford beyond that learnt in class, by holding interesting events which allow pupils to get involved and become exposed to aspects of the c