The NOW Fund

Nowfund2020 has started with the NOW Fund supporting 5 learners at Westerford.     Snapscan

It is so special to see their smiling faces around the school as they busy themselves taking advantage of all the opportunities available to them.

One of the learners we are supporting wrote the following in a thank you letter at the end of last year:“I never would have thought that I would even step foot into such a school like Westerford. I always sit down and think of how fortunate I am and can never truly believe that I go to such a prestigious school. I can never fully repay you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and I say from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!”

We would like to thank all OWs who have contributed so generously to the Fund thus far. We have had just over R800 000 donated since the Fund’s launch in June 2017, which is incredible. We would now love to reach our target for the end of 2020 which is to have reached R1 million in donations. This will ensure we are able to support 2 new learners to begin grade 8 in 2021. If you are in position to positively impact the lives of young learners like the one who wrote the message above, please consider contributing to this worthy cause.

All donations qualify for a tax deduction. For more information, email or visit

In order to make a contribution, please use the following Snapscan code or bank details for an EFT.












The NOW Fund

Right here, right now, let’s do something to make a real difference.



The Westerford class of ’91 set up a fund to put a financially disadvantaged pupil through high school. Inspired by this example, a group of Old Westerfordians (OWs) have asked the question, “Why can’t we all do this? What scale of difference will we make if we stand together as a community?” We can be an initiative for change… one scholar at a time... or 2 at a time, or 3 or 10… the sky’s the limit! So we have put our heads together and in collaboration with the School, have set up the NOW Fund. This is a new fund for Old Westerfordians to make a difference to a new generation; a fund to support the creation of a new group of OWs who represent our country and our people, new OWs for the not so new, New SA. NOW is a chance to take action now in getting behind transformation that works. 

We all know that Westerford is an excellent high school. Not only does it boast some of the best matric results in the country, but it is a school which respects different ways of life and different human priorities. Whether you are a sporting achiever, an academic achiever, an excellent creative mind, or an alternative free-thinker, Westerford allows you to find confidence in the person that you are. 

We also all know that here in South Africa, not nearly enough promising and talented young people have the opportunity to attend schools like Westerford, and that the advantages of an excellent high school education are reserved mostly for those who can afford them. Many Old Westerfordians are already doing great things in their individual capacity to shift these dynamics, but this is an opportunity to work as an OW community to create the maximum impact we can, to transform our country by giving others access to what we have benefitted from. 



A fund has been set up to allow ANY Old Westerfordian to make ANY contribution towards putting a young person (who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees) through high school at Westerford. The more money we raise, the more scholarships we can create, and the more young lives we can positively change.

And here's the game:  You make your contribution and you indicate what year you matriculated. Your year-group gets the credit. Yes, you got it, it’s a competition... like SLOG!

Which year-group will raise enough to put a scholar through first? Which year-group will sponsor the most scholars? Let’s aim high and make a difference that rocks our city (and our old school). Who knows, some other schools may even catch on!



The NOW Fund has partnered with the Spirit Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation based in Cape Town ( / The Spirit Foundation provides educational scholarships, extra-curricular support and mentoring to high school scholars in the Western Cape. The organisation has been in existence since 1994 and has an established relationship with Westerford. The Spirit Foundation has agreed to manage the scholarships at Westerford on behalf of the NOW Fund. The scholarship will include provision of school fees, facilitation of extra lessons if required, provision of textbooks, school uniform items and other school-related costs that may arise. 100% of funds raised for the NOW Fund will go to the direct costs of the Westerford scholars supported by the fund.No admin fees, no CEO salary, nothing but pure contribution to those who need it. Now doesn’t that sound like an excellent investment opportunity in South Africa’s future?


Because the Spirit Foundation is a registered Section 18A non-profit organisation, as a donor to the NOW Fund you will be entitled to receive a tax donation certificate for an income tax deduction... so you can rather give the money to educating a young person than to SARS. Isn’t that a fine idea?!


It currently costs approximately R40 000 to put one child through one year of high school at Westerford. This includes fees, books, uniforms and extramural expenses.



You don’t need to be an OW to contribute to this project. As OWs you can enrol your friends, colleagues and extended family (who all know how great Westerford is because you came out of it). They can contribute to the fundraising for your year-group; they should just reference your year of matriculation when making the payment. 




Once-off payment:

Just make an EFT payment to the NOW Fund’s account with your surname and your matric year as a reference. Eg: Smith 1987. Any amount is worthwhile. Just do it NOW. And, of course, you can make “once-off payments” as often as you’d like to.


Monthly contribution:

Lump sum doesn’t work for you? Make a monthly contribution. Set this up by selecting “Make Regular Payments” on your internet banking, using your surname and your matric year as a reference. Eg: Smith 1987.


All payments from within South Africa can be made into the following account:

Account Name: Spirit NOW fund

Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Branch: Grayston Drive

Branch Code: 580105

Account Number: 50012172685

Account Type: Current


All international payments can be made into the following account using the SWIFT CODE below:

Account Name: Spirit NOW fund

Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Branch: Grayston Drive

Branch Code: 580105

Account Number: 1100203080349

Account Type: Current



Need a tax certificate?  Send an email to requesting a tax certificate for your contribution and we will facilitate this with the Spirit Foundation on your behalf. Information required for issue of tax certificate are your full name and address.

BEE letters are also available on request for corporate donations.




Of course, first and foremost, we need monetary contributions. That, in the end, is what will make this project a success. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, any contribution will make a difference.


NOW Champions:

We need NOW Champions from each matric year. One is good, a team of 3-4 people is better. We need Champions to drive this project, to get in touch with people who may not hear about it otherwise, and to Champion the importance of the project and the difference it can make. If you are interested in being a NOW Champion, please let us know by emailing us at



Please forward this email on to anybody who may be interested in contributing. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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Right here, right now, let's do something to make a real difference