NSC Results 2016


Once again Westerford has maintained its standard of excellence by achieving a 100% pass- rate and a 99% Bachelor’s pass rate.  Our school has been listed in the provincial “Top- Performing Schools” list for yet another academic year.  We are proud that we are one of the few schools that consistently achieves these results.

At the 2016 NSC Awards Ceremony at Leeuwenhof, we retained our place in the Top School Category for “Excellence in Academic Performance in the Western Cape”, amongst 32 tops schools. Although schools were not ranked at the Ceremony this year, Westerford was placed within the “Top Three State Schools” category, along with Bloemhof and Rustenburg.

Awards are given to schools that have met a list of certain criteria. The criteria include consistent excellence over three years, an overall pass-rate of over 95% and the percentage of candidates passing with a Bachelor’s pass (over 80%) and passing Maths (over 60% ).

Westerford’s averages are kept unswervingly high with all subjects achieving an over 70% average. However, some subjects achieve way above that: for example, in 2016, Accounting (82.3%), Visual Art (86.5%) and Xhosa SAL (86.3%), to name but a few.

Special congratulations to Cayley Tarr who passed with an aggregate of 95.5% and was placed in the Provincial Top 20 Merit list.

By Robyn Fabian