Clubs and Societies
Drama Club

Drama Club assists the school with the numerous productions that take place in the school year such as the school play and one-act plays as well as organises many excursions to plays and performances to cultivate a vibrant appreciation for the performing arts at Westerford.


Debating Club organises formal competitive debates by opening pressing societal issues as topics.

Equal Education

Equal Education aims to create greater awareness within Westerford of the inequalities in the South African education system; to mobilise both action and change within the pupil body to solve these issues by supporting the national Equal Education group and aiding those whose education is unequal or substandard.

SJA (Students’ Jewish Association)

The SJA (Students’ Jewish Association) at Westerford works to educate people about, and generally uphold Jewish culture and religion. We focus mainly on the cultural side, screening movies such as Schindler’s List, holding fun events like Challah making, and having themed events for all the major festivals.

Music Society

The Music Society promotes musical awareness of all genres other than classical. We provide a platform for musical Westerfordians to grow, enhance and show their talents. We do this by organising various workshops throughout the year, as well as holding annual events which allow musicians to compete and showcase themselves. Music Society aspires to create as many musical opportunities for Westerfordians as possible.

Animal Rights Advocates (ARA)

Animal Rights Advocates (ARA) is a society committed to creating awareness in the Westerford community. Animals are sentient beings (i.e. feel pain and have emotions); ARA knows the importance of animals and has a mission to ensure that the rights of animals are maintained. ARA holds a variety of events to encourage the pupils to live an animal-friendly lifestyle.


Archery Club meets once a week at Imhoff Sports Complex to learn the ancient art of archery.

Chess Club

Chess Club plays and practices chess weekly. We regularly finish in the top three in the Southern Suburbs Chess League.  We also organise and compete in a number of interschools chess tournaments.

The Muslim Students’ Association

We, The Muslim Students’ Association of Westerford High, represent the Muslim students of our school. We provide mosque on Fridays and we have other fun events such as the Touch Rugby Event and the Falooda-making event. We also collaborate with other MSA’s of schools in the area, and participate in events made as a collective unit.

Xhosa Club

The Xhosa Club educates the school about Xhosa culture and its traditions. We showcase the different aspects of the culture and hold events where participants can appreciate the intricacies and complexities of one of the Western Cape’s largest languages.

Afrikaans Klub

The Afrikaans Klub aims to promote the Afrikaans language and culture at Westerford through interesting, fun and engaging events that appeal to a broad range of students. These include sokkies, pannekoek eating competitions and movie screenings. You do not have to be good at Afrikaans, or even speak, it to get involved!


GARB aims to bring fashion culture and a healthy lifestyle to Westerford; we incorporate and encourage many aspects of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle. We do this by holding many fun and interactive events and by providing information on our notice board that is regularly updated throughout the year

Christian Union (CU)

The Christian Union (CU) is a community of normal every-day people who come together with one common denominator – we love Jesus. We hold meetings every Tuesday and Thursday mornings where everybody is welcome to hang out in a very relaxed atmosphere. We also have weekly ‘sessions’ where we discuss and debate and reflect about difficult topics and challenges faced by the Christians on our pupil body.

Outdoor Club

The Outdoor Club aims to get all Westerfordians outside and enjoying nature, having events ranging from hikes, surfing, paint ball, yoga and much, much more. Unfortunately we can’t always get you outside, but we will then bring the outdoors indoors through talks and documentaries. Live outside the box with the Outdoor Club.

Hindu Students’ Association (HSA)

The Hindu Students’ Association (HSA) was established to promote unity and an understanding of Hindu culture among our students. We aim to provide pupils with social events and community service projects aimed at bringing various aspects of Indian culture and Hinduism to the school in an exciting and vibrant way.

Foreign Cultures

Foreign Cultures strive to spread awareness of other cultures and create diversity and respect among Westerfordians. As a society, it is our obligation to help our community understand strange and foreign cultures and customs as well as create appreciation for our own personal differences.


Interact is a service society which aims to get Westerford pupils involved in outreach projects in the community. It also keeps track of community service hours for Westerfordians to use in university applications. Interact: helping Westerfordians helping others!

History and Current Affairs

HCA aims to broaden the understanding of South Africa and the world by highlighting important current events through in-depth discussions and debates delivered by prominent members of society.Notable past speakers include: Trevor Manuel, Pieter Dirk-Uys, Mamphela Ramphele, Patricia de Lille, and many more.

CRED (Computers, Robotics and Electronic Design)

CRED(Computers, Robotics, Electronics and Design) is a cultural society that aims to educate students about modern technology. We teach the basics of soldering, show pupils the workings and components of computers as well as giving them the opportunity to try their hand at basic robotics. Some of our popular events include Assassins CRED, our termly LANs and our regular soldering courses.

English Society

The English Society aims to spread English culture at Westerford beyond that learnt in class, by holding interesting events which allow pupils to get involved and become exposed to aspects of the culture while having fun. Events include the Tongue-Twister Competition, Just a Minute, Spelling Bee, English Premier League Soccer Tournament and more.

MADD (Music, Arts, Dance and Drama)

MADD is a cultural society at Westerford that offers pupils a chance to explore music, art, dance and drama. We have cool and crazy events every week and hold all sorts of activities such as dance and drama workshops, tie dyeing, origami, yoga, showings of documentaries, Madd Maries and much much more.

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Need to Contact Us?

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700