Clubs and Societies
Film Crew

Film Crew aims to provide the school with professional level filming of all school events and actvities.

Bonne Cuisine

Bonne Cuisine channels creativity in food for the service of Westerford.  We are dedicated to providing “bonne cuisine” and sharing our passion for food with our fellow Westerfordians.

Library Committee

The Library Committee renders its services to Westerfordians by assisting them in the Media Centre, thereby ensuring the smooth running of the Library.  They further aim to encourage interest in reading to share their passion of books with the rest of the pupil body.  They organise a number of annual events, regularly publish articles in the Newsletter and put up curriculum-related displays to showcase what is on offer in the library.


The aim of the Tuckshop Committee is daily to serve the Westerford school body with good food.  Not only is our food delicious, but it is also convenient and nutritional.


Lockers ensures proper management and operation of the School’s locker system.  This entails assigning lockers, cutting locks and overseeing the condition of the lockers throughout the School.

Costume Wardrobe

The Costume Wardrobe is a service society providing Westerford pupils and teachers with costumes and props.  We aim to make it convenient for students to borrow costumes for plays, productions and personal use.


As the Lighting Team, we strive to provide lighting and lighting effects during events in a professional and efficient manner.

Web Team

The Web Team, responsible for the design and updating of the official Westerford website, aims to inform the general public of the going-ons within the-School-that-never-sleeps.

Click Club

Click Club is a group of photojournalists who have made it their duty and responsibility to capture the lives of all Westerfordians.

Display Team

The Display Team paints notice boards and puts up décor and displays for important events on Westerford’s cultural and social calendar. With our creative talent, we promote other societies and make the school environment more lively and interesting.

Green Schools Initiative

The Green Schools’ Initiative (GSI) aspires to create a sustainable future for the Westerford community. We aim to inform, lead and inspire our pupils and in doing so, help Westerford attain a greener and brighter future. We hope to make all Westerfordians take pride in the world they live in.

Sound Team

The Sound Team is an elite group of dedicated Westerford students tasked with providing one of the most essential services to the School: sound. Sound may involve music, speeches or even sound effects for the school play. It is a time-consuming, labour-intensive commitment, but despite this daunting job description, the members of Sound Team are always dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to complete their mission.

Media Team

The Media Team is responsible for every piece of media equipment within the school. We also display media announcements during assemblies and other events. The Media Representative Programme, which ensures a fully trained Media Assistant in every classroom, is also run and trained by the Media Team.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organisation which raises funds to build houses for underprivileged families.  We raise money through BRIC, a coalition of schools, as well as hosting events where profits go towards the larger Habitat for Humanity organisation.  A highlight on our annual calendar is seeing our donations put to good use by participating in Habitat builds.

Need to Contact Us?

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Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

Need to Contact Us?

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700