Westerford is a pupil-centred school that prides itself on a strong academic curriculum, compulsory sport programme and an enthusiastically embraced cultural life

General Information

Discontinuing lessons: A full term’s notice (in writing to Mrs Penny: bp@westerford.co.za) is required should a pupil wish to discontinue lessons. Please copy in Mrs Williams (finance office) kw@westerford.co.za

Making Music a Subject

Westerford offers Music as an examination subject from Grade 8 – 12. There are two main components, practical lessons (taught individually) and theory/history of music (taught in classes). Although, Westerford specialises in Western music, we do cover other styles, including Jazz and Rock.

To study music as a subject in Gr 8

It is advisable (but not essential) to be Gr 2 level (practical and theory). If you are not Gr 2 level yet, you will be assessed and we will advise you on what is best for you. Usually, the Gr 8 theory class is split, which allows pupils who have done lots of theory to work in a group and others who have done little or no theory to work together. Each group has their own teacher.

We cannot accommodate beginner pianists as a 1st or only instrument. Subject music pupils learning the piano as a 1st instrument must have a piano at home. (Electric keyboards are considered a separate instrument, in which we are not able to offer tuition).

Non-Subject Music: Westerford offers non-subject music lessons from Grade 8 – 12. The provision of lessons for subject music pupils takes precedence over that of non-subject pupils.

External Music Examinations

We encourage pupils to enter for external practical and theory examinations such as those offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UNISA and Trinity Guildhall.

..Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God compulsory and the permissible delights of the soul…

Johann Sebastian Bach

Concerts and Eisteddfods

Four quarterly concerts are designed to give as many musicians as possible the chance to perform in public. Additional concerts and events provide further performing opportunities.
We also support Eisteddfods, Competitions and Festivals.

Orchestra and Band Camp

All pupils who play an orchestral or band instrument are expected to attend the annual camp during the 2nd weekend of the first term. The camp begins on Friday afternoon and ends after a concert for their families, early on Sunday afternoon. The camp is one of the highlights of the year, socially and musically!

Music Lockers, Store Room and Hired Instruments: Pupils are encouraged to hire music lockers, as no instruments may be stored in teachers’ music rooms. Instruments must be securely locked away when not in use. Use of a store room is also possible. Several instruments are available for hire at a nominal fee.

Music Fees

As practical music lessons are given on an individual basis, there is a fee involved. All fees are subsidized. Please contact Mrs Penny for details.

Music Tour

Every three years we organise a music appreciation tour to Europe. Sadly, our June 2020 tour was cancelled due to Covid 19. We were planning to visit Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Würzburg and Paris. Pupils in Grades 10 – 12 may go on the tour.

Need to Contact Us?

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Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

Need to Contact Us?

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700