Westerford Admission FAQ

No. For Government/State schools you would need to apply a year in advance.  If your child is currently in Grade 6 (2024) they would need to make an application when they are in Grade 7 (2025) for a place in Grade 8 (2026).

Monday 11 March 2024

Friday 12 April 2024

No. You will need to apply online via the WCED website.

Yes, this is required.

An application on the Western Cape Education Departments website is the only acceptable application.

It is a very user-friendly system. The instructions are clear and to the point.  It is vitally important that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before you click “Accept”. Check out the YouTube video links available under “Admissions” then “Apply 2025 Grade 8” tab.

As competition to get into high school is fierce (far more learners apply than there are places available) you MUST apply at a minimum of three schools. 

At present, we do not offer any scholarships. You will need to apply to an external institution.

A list of supporting documents is available on the “Apply 2025 Grade 8” page of our website, under the “Admissions” tab.
Supporting documents must be attached with your application.

An unabridged birth certificate contains the full name and surname of both parents on the document.

We will accept the abridged birth certificate along with proof from Home Affairs (receipt) that an application has been made.
As soon as the unabridged certificate is available it should be handed into the school.

We regularly receive over 2000 applications for just 180 places – if your application is late, it is only processed AFTER all applications received on time have been processed.

If you would like to submit a letter to explain the circumstances/reasons for the drop in marks in Grade 6 and include the Grade 5 report, then you are welcome to do so. This can be uploaded when you submit the supporting documents online.

We understand that certain schools are not able to offer extra mural activities and these affect learners and will bear this in mind when we process the applications. 

We are governed by the Western Cape Education Departments’ timeline, and parents are to be informed according to this timeline. The admissions timeline can be viewed on the “Admissions Procedure” page on our website.

Parents are given until a certain date to accept their placements.  This process must be completed on the Western Cape Education Departments’ website.  At this point, if you have been accepted at our school, we will send you confirmation of acceptance along with an Acceptance Form which you would need to complete and return.  

You may put in an appeal, via email (applications@westerford.co.za) or in writing to the school.  Please also indicate to the Admissions Administrator if you would like your application to be placed on the waiting list.

You would then need to apply to the Western Cape Education Department for their assistance in finding placement for your child at an alternative school.  

The Masakhane Program: is designed to cater to the needs of Westerford pupils facing challenges beyond their control. Its primary goal is to recognize and address these obstacles, providing necessary additional academic support to ensure each pupil reaches their full potential. In assisting junior pupils, we offer comprehensive support across all subjects, aiming to boost self-confidence and enhance general academic skills. For senior pupils, our focus shifts to specific subjects, emphasizing targeted efforts for academic improvement. The overarching vision of the program is to empower students, enabling them to take charge of their academic futures and attain their highest potential.

Peer Tutoring: Pupils are encouraged to seek help from peers or senior pupils in subjects they are struggling with, when preparing for a test or exam, or when they would like to increase their marks. This programme is managed by the Academic Portfolio Pupil Leaders and pair suitable tutors and tutees who offer and seek assistance.

Additional Teacher Assistance: While teachers are available for once-off assistance during breaks or after school hours, they do not offer tutoring to pupils on a regular and ongoing basis. Pupils may contact their subject teacher via email to request an additional once-off lesson to clarify a particular aspect of the content they are struggling with.

Apart from psycho-social and careers support, our school wellness department also offer assistance with study skills and time management where required.

Summer and Winter sport offerings can be viewed on our website on the “Westerford Sport” page under the “Westerford Life” tab on our website.

Yes, we do offer Music as a subject as well as an extra-mural. More information can be viewed on the “Music Information” page under the “Westerford Life” tab on our website.

Please see the Academic tab on our website for details. 

Parents are welcome to reach out to the school to enquire, alternatively we always contact parents when the need for assistance arises.

Need to Contact Us?

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Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700

Need to Contact Us?

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

Telephone: 021 689 9154 • Email: admin@westerford.co.za
Address: 220 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700