Westerford is a pupil-centred school that prides itself on a strong academic curriculum, compulsory sport programme and an enthusiastically embraced cultural life


The Music Society promotes musical awareness of all genres other than classical. We provide a platform for musical Westerfordians to grow, enhance and show their talents.

Westerford High School runs a very dynamic and creative Art Department headed by Mrs McLaren and supported by Mr Cain. Creativity, imagination and developing personal style are encouraged. A groundwork of technical skills is taught in Grade 8 and 9 and they are introduced to a variety of different media and stylistic approaches. The aim of the practical component is to develop a strong skills base. As a result of this, the practical projects in Grade 10 are very structured to ensure that skills are learnt. Although the course focuses on drawing and painting there is plenty of opportunity to explore and incorporate other mediums where appropriate. Most of the practical projects are thematic and linked to the theory.  Practical projects become more open-ended at the end of Grade 11 and into Grade 12, giving pupils the opportunity to explore any medium, style or technique and to develop a personal style with personal interests. The focus in matric is on successfully communicating good ideas visually.

Drama Club assists the school with the numerous productions that take place in the school year such as the school play and one-act plays as well as organises many excursions to plays and performances.

The School Life…!

In charge of all these clubs and societies are the Cultural Co-ordinating Council and the Service Co-ordinating Council.  These councils consist of 4 prefects and 4 non-prefects each and ensure the smooth over-all running of service and culture at Westerford.  They are guardians of societies, which means they are the second level of quality-control after the teacher, and initiating whole-school cultural events such as the annual Cultural Day and Societies Launch, the Comedy Fortnight and the Junior Weeks.


Culture and service at Westerford are pupil-driven. This means that all initiatives, events held, services performed, etc. are initiated, organised, advertised, followed up, and finally attended by the pupils themselves.  In order to achieve this, each club or society is led by a committee consisting of 4 – 8 members, depending on their function and how busy they are, which in turn is spearheaded by a pupil-chairperson.

Culture at Westerford is arguably one of the most exciting features of the school. It consists of 50 clubs and societies that cover all possible aspects of culture and service, incl. religious societies, language societies, political and activism clubs, special interest, hobbies and crafts societies, and various service societies aimed at helping Westerford and the broader community.

Westerford High School offers various sports disciplines for both healthy recreation and enjoyment.  We believe that sport has great educational value in that it not only promotes physical fitness, but also encourages teamwork and the development of self-control, co-operation, loyalty, unselfishness, determination and leadership.

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